Mens wear

  •      Model 0601002 Jacket and 2822Trousers

Our mission
is to design and manufacture men’s classic suites and corporate clothing that
enable you to realize your ambitions.

Markom started as clothing manufacturer in 1980.

We produce today:

By individual measures made men’s suits
Men’s classical suits, jackets,
waistcoats and trousers

Uniforms  used by:

Police force , Custom staff , Guards,
Military officers
Postmen & Telecommunication staff Railway,
bus, taxi and airline staff
Marching bands

Profile clothing specially designed
to promote companies like:

Travel companies (airlines, ferries, cruise, railways,
Hotels & Conference facilities
Retail chains
Large industrial and trading companies

Measure form


  • Blazer- club-uniform jackets, shirts and  ties with inwrought logo


Klubi 3 navy

  • Servicejackets and trousers

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