Ethic trade

Code of Conduct -  Markom Uniformer AS

Within business carried out by Markom we are committed to be socially and environmentally responsible for all our actions. We have this responsibility towards all who buy our products or take part in their production or distribution.
Based on our commitment we have set up the Markom Code of Conduct to make our position clear for all our suppliers, for our own staff and for other partners. Our Code of Conduct contains labour-and environment requirements, as well as other ethical requirements, which accord with provisions in international conventions and instruments, such as the ILO Core Conventions.

In many cases the Code requirements are the same as provisions specified in National laws and regulations. Should the provisions of national law and the requirement of our Code of conduct differ, the highest standard shall apply.The requirements of our Code of Conduct are non-negotiable and shall be complied with by our suppliers, and their subcontractors, through all their activities. Yet, we stress that we will not terminate business in case of non-compliances. If non-compliances occur, we expect corrective actions to be taken within a reasonable time frame agreed upon between the supplier and Markom. Only after repeated failure or unwillingness to carry out corrective actions, may business with the supplier be terminated. Also, when placing new orders, the level of compliance with our Code of Conduct and willingness to make improvements will be an important criterion for selection of suppliers. The principle aim of our Code of Conduct is to help improve the social and environmental conditions of our suppliers.

Supplier is the contractual partner responsible for the product, process or service supplied to Markom. Subcontractor is a business entity in the supply chain directly or indirectly providing the supplier with goods and/or services integral to, and utilized in/for the production of the supplier’s goods and/or services.

Markom`s Code of Conduct sets the standard expected to be met by all our suppliers and partners during operation and manufacturing. We are fully aware that all expectations can’t be met immediately, but these as well as non-compliances are to be settled by corrective actions by the supplier. If repeated violations are established without any effort by the supplier to take appropriate actions, it is our duty to terminate the cooperation with such suppliers.


Thor olsen